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Maghreb Game Conference is the first game developers conference and exhibition in Morocco, focusing on gathering professionals, hobbyists and student in the games industry. We also aim on aiding those who are in other industries and those who interested in the industry, by sharing knowledge and tools used in the game development process.

The first event is mainly organized by the Moroccan Game developer’s community, in collaboration with Tunisian and Algerian Game Developers. Each event will be hosted in one of the Maghreb region. We have a vision to build a sustainable and dynamic game industry in the Maghreb region.


Maghreb Game Conference

The Maghreb Game Conference indented to become an annual event for regional game developers. The event will focus on learning, inspiring and networking trough conferences, workshops and exhibiting games or any other products related to video games, from game studios or publishers coming from Morocco or foreign countries. It is a platform where business and game developers can share, create or collaborate.

Maghreb Game Conference focuses on rising up the game industry in the north Africa. It is also an open platform for exchange and collaboration between developers from around the world, in Africa, Europe and the Middle-east. Maghreb Game Conference will begin its focus on the building blocks to develop a game industry locally, insuring the basics of game development, business and marketing are in place.